Introductory Delegation to Mayor and Council

Monday, November 6th at 7:00 pm at the Shaw Auditorium downtown. Come introduce our group before Mayor and Council.

2023-11-06 7:00pm
Shaw Auditorium
Introductory Delegation to Mayor and Council

Come and show your support for Strong Towns Nanaimo at our introductory delegation before Mayor and Council. Our delegation will last five minutes. Afterwards, you can either leave or stay until the end of the council meeting.

  • 7:00 pm: Meet at the Shaw Auditorium Downtown
  • 7:30 pm: Estimated End of Our Delegation
  • (Optional) 8:30 pm: End of Council Meeting

We’ll meet at the Shaw Auditorium roughly ten minutes before the meeting begins. When we’re called up, those who are comfortable can approach the podium with the speaker.

The slides shown above were used in our delegation to Mayor and Council. Our core message is that Nanaimo should be building a Strong Town for people, not cars. We advocate for a shift in our city’s priorities towards building a more affordable, equitable, and sustainable Nanaimo.